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Blue Machine w/ Helen Czerski

Earth is home to a huge story that is rarely told – that of our ocean. Not the fish or the dolphins, but the massive ocean engine itself: what it does, why it works, and the many ways it has influenced animals, weather and human history & culture.

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20 juni 2023 van 20:00 – 21:45


Floating Festivalheart RAM (Maassilo)
Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2

On June 20 physicist, oceanographer and BBC Science presenter Helen Czerski will join us for a lecture on the occasion of her brand new book Blue Machine: How The Ocean Works. The talk will take place on the water, in a floating container on the Maashaven, as part of the Rotterdam Architecture Month.

In Blue Machine Helen Czerski dives deep to illuminate the murky depths of the ocean engine, examining the messengers, passengers and voyagers that live in it, travel over it, and survive because of it. From the ancient Polynesians who navigated the Pacific by reading the waves to permanent residents of the deep such as the Greenland shark that can live for hundreds of years, she explains the vast currents, invisible ocean walls and underwater waterfalls that all have their place in the ocean’s complex, interlinked system.

Blue Machine presents a fresh perspective on what it means to be a citizen of an ocean planet. The understanding it offers is crucial to our future and recalibrates our view of this defining feature of our planet. Drawing on years of experience at the forefront of marine science, Helen Czerski captures the magnitude and subtlety of Earth’s defining feature, showing us the thrilling extent to which we are at the mercy of this great engine.

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