Voor de harddenkende Rotterdammer

We’re all trapped. No matter how hard you try to delete apps from your phone, the power of seduction draws you back. Doom scrolling is the new normal of a 24/7 online life. What happens when your home office starts to feel like a call centre and you’re too fried to log out of Facebook? We’re addicted to large-scale platforms, unable to return to the frivolous age of decentralized networks. Zoom fatigue, cancel culture, crypto art, NFTs and psychic regression are all markers of a platform culture that no longer serves the general public, but favours platform giants instead.

Media theorist and internet critic Geert Lovink argues that we can reclaim the internet on our own terms. Celebrating the launch of his new book, Stuck on the Platform (Valiz, 2022), we discuss our current technological predicament and look for ways out of the digital slump. Following a presentation of the book, digital anthropologist Payal Arora and Bits of Freedom-director Evelyn Austin will join the conversation. How do we make sense of the rising disaffection with the platform condition, and what can be done about it?